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When it comes to boat repairs, you don’t want someone to simply put a bandaid on the problem. You want the repairs done right. The team at Park Marine Base, Inc. in Northville, NY, will have your boat looking and running like new. From engine repairs to minor repairs, we can do it all.

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Boat Repairs, Park Marine Base, Inc., Northville, NY
Engine Repairs, Park Marine Base, Inc., Northville, NY

Engine Repairs

When you are experiencing issues with your boat’s engine, it’s important that you fix it correctly. Thankfully, we have been in the business for more than 60 years, so we know a thing or two about engine repairs. Whether major work is required, or if your boat requires a simple fix, you can rest assured that your boat will be hitting the water like you just bought it yesterday.

Warranty repairs on Mercury Outboards and Mercruiser Sterndrive products

Boat Repair, Park Marine Base, Inc., Northville, NY

Minor Repairs

Sometimes, all it takes is a small issue to derail your boating plans. Thankfully, Park Marine Base, Inc. can take care of all minor boat repairs quickly and efficiently. With a mechanic on duty six days a week, a large supply of parts in our store, and routine service, we can help ensure that your boat stays as good as new and that you never have to postpone your plans due to a minor issue.

Boat Maintenance, Park Marine Base, Inc., Northville, NY

Preventive Maintenance

We strongly advise boaters to invest in the manufacturer’s recommended preventive maintenance schedule. This will help keep your boat and engine more reliable over time and significantly reduces your chances of having a major engine casualty. It can be more expensive in the short run, but it may end up saving you big bucks in the long term. Call us to learn more and schedule your engine service.

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Park Marine Base, Inc., Northville, NY

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